Wednesday, April 1, 2020

BAD NEWZ #8 - "The Roots Of Burning Bush" Compilation (1989)

Bob Z was a musician, writer, publisher and more from New York City

 Bob put out a magazine Called "Bad Newz" on a regular basis that was full of all kinds of shit including a lot of cartoons and independent music reviews, and he also put out compilation tapes like this one called "Bad News Cassette # 8."

  He also had an ongoing war with the 'Poster Police" aka the NY Anti-Poster Ordinance people!

The artists performing on this compilation tape were mostly punk bands
with fun names like Me Myself and Eye, Intensive Care Unit, My Sin, The
Wallmen, Blood Impulse Activists, Raped Teenagers, Screeching Weasel,
Van Gogh's Ear, A.P.P.L.E.. Bob Z. himself....and
KING CARCASS - "Mercury" 
MORE FIENDS - "Slug Juice"

Here's the cover of Bad Newz #11. This might or might not be the issue that this tape came with, but you get the idea!

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