Saturday, October 24, 2020

MARTIN NEWELL - "Gajoob Issue #7 - Sampler #5" - Part 02 (1991)

Almost by request, here's another cut from this Gajoob Sampler # 5, because this song is just too good not to be heard!

The tape by Martin Newell that this song came off of was called "Songs For A Fallow Land," and was actually made in 1985, but was re-released on Jan Bruun's "Hypertonia World Enterprises" label in Norway in 1991, and Jan submitted it to Gajoob for review. Martin Newell has had many projects like Cleaners From Venus over the years, and you can check it all out at this Discogs link, but don't bother clicking on any of his website links because they either are dead or go someplace else.

This song was good in 1985 and 1991, and is still good in 2020! That's how good it is!

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