Thursday, October 22, 2020

ROBERT KARNES - "Gajoob Issue #7 - Sampler #5" (1991)

This time it's Sampler #5 for Issue #7 of Gajoob. Do you have any idea how much work this must have been for Bryan Baker? A full magazine full of reviews and eight tapes to go along with it? That's a lot of dedicated work!! Cleaning The Augean Stables was probably an easier task!

This particular tape had a lot of very good music on it, and it was hard for me to just pick out one song! The Martin Newell song is outstanding too.
The artist I chose was Robert Karnes and the name of the tape was "Eve Worshippers," In the magazine, this is a little of what he has to say about his music.
"This tape was put together in the studio over a 2 1/2 year period from early 1988 to mid 1990.  Most of the music was composed in the studio using the studio's facilities (I have to keyboards or instruments of my own)."
I tried to find some current info on Robert on Discogs, Tape-Mag, and Bandcamp but came up with zilch, and there are at least five Robert Karnes on Facebook, and none of them seemed like musicians.

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