Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Winter 1993 was a cold and lonely time but Bryan Baker kept on cranking out the Gajoob's. He hasn't quit yet, and you can read all about it on the GAJOOB MAGAZINE HOMEPAGE.
This sampler tape included a lot of stuff, and the cover was done by my pal Gary Wray, who also has a whole lot going on right now that you can read about right HERE! 
The cut I chose came off of this 1991 tape by KREL a space rock band from Manchester, England. These guys weren't exactly home tapers that's for sure, and played some interstellar stuff from some other universe, in a Hawkwind kind of way, so it's no wonder they are not still together. This tape was released on Carl Howard's "audiofile'" label.
If you want to read all about them, there's a massive biography on this Discogs page

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