Wednesday, May 12, 2021

POINT*NO*POINT - "From The Rightsly Side" (1989)

I just remembered that I had another Point*No*Point cassette sent to me by Rich Horton I needed to put up here, so finally, here's the self-titled "Point*No*Point" cassette from 1989....

This tape has got some good music on it put together by Rich Horton, Lance Morgan, Marc Strader, and Phil Stewart up in Seattle, Washington.
Here's a cool promo shot of the guys.
Maybe if you write Rich at, he might find you a copy hidden in a closet somewhere he'll sell you, or better yet, if the company that just released his last CD gets enough cards and letters, maybe the nice folks at Kool Kat Records will release this tape as a CD!
 Until then, here's a kool kut from the 'Rightsly' Side that was written by Lance Morgan.
 POINT*NO*POINT - "What's Wrong With Me?"

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