Saturday, July 24, 2021


Yesterday I was told by Lord Litter in Berlin that he has donated his whole cassette collection to the good folks at The Tape Attack Blog in Germany. It was about 500 tapes total, and Tape Attack will digitize and offer up each and every one of them so you can download, listen, and go back in time 30 or 40 years for as long as you want. This is probably about as close to a time machine as we'll ever get! Besides Don Campau, Lord Litter probably had one of the largest collections in the world, so if you don't take advantage of his generosity, well, it's not like I didn't tell you!

Tape Attack already had tons of material they have been sharing, Lord Litter's contributions just make it that much more over the top insane. There is one small problem for those of you who only speak English, Tape Attack is totally auf Deutsch!

Get ready to be impressed!

Because this is the kind of stuff.......

......................That you're going to be able to discover!
It's just like what they said when they tore down the fences at Woodstock!
It's a free concert!!

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