Thursday, July 29, 2021

GAJOOB ISSUE #9 - SAMPLER #2 - Ulterior Lux "Live" (1993)

Okay, I'm going by the book on this one. Bryan Baker had the perfect write up of the music of Ulterior Lux in this issue of Gajoob, and it goes something like this:
"John Rite (the former Dimthingshine) connects with Jean Chaine and Markus Strauss, and the result is a raucous meeting of rock and free jazz. Mixed from soundboard masters documenting just one stop along their European tour of 1990. A sheer delight, thoroughly exhilarating and highly recommended!"
The original tape was released on Carl Howard's "Audiophile Tapes" label in 1991, and was titled 
"Live Bootleg From Switzerland."

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