Monday, December 13, 2021

GAJOOB SAMPLER - Issue #9, Sampler #5 (1993)

Issue #9 of Gajoob magazine came with five sampler tapes. Each tape included music that was reviewed in the magazine. and all the tapes in this series had this same artwork from my best pal Gary Wray! This cassette included a wide variety of acts from the Wallmen to The Blind Mime Ensemble. Mixed in between all that was music by people like the Lobelia Haymakers from North Carolina.
 I never had any direct contact with Lobelia Haymakers, but there were two cassettes reviewed in this issue, "Wish I Had Two Of 'Em," and "Life Among The Shimfs," and the general consensus was that this was "very good guitar rock 'n' roll with a definite good time garage element." If it all sounded like this song, I couldn't agree more!
"Words & music copyright D.W. Bostic, who also was the guitarist, bassist and vocalist, with help from vocalist Wahoo Willie Thibodeaux, drummer Tim Pyne, and engineer Chris Massie.

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