Thursday, May 26, 2022


By 1992, I decided we had enough material that we should probably have some kind of catalogue, so this is what I came up with!
Pretty good deal for free, the catalogue featured lots of art from Gary Wray and Brian James Riedel. The top left photo was from a project Gary did with underground comix artist Roy Tompkins.

There were eighteen pages in total that included lots of the art from our tapes too.

Also included were lots of quotes and reviews from various magazines like  "Akin to a high fever" from Dark Chaos, or "On the verge of chaos" from Gajoob.

One of my favorite reviews came from The Affiliate, who called our music "Self-inflicted punishment."

Slim The Drifter was also on the "Guzbro" label before he signed with "Gang Of Hair."

These two pages featured a submission request for our "Offbeat" public access TV show, and some tapes from my friend Guido of SHM in Germany that we were trying to help distribute for the groups Meadow Meal, GV, and The Dirk Hartung Combo.

More stuff from Brian and Gary, and more reviews.

Since these were pre-computer days, all the images were duplicated on a copy machine, and then cut up, collaged, glued together by hand, and re-copied.

Some of this stuff is still available in one form or another.

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