Tuesday, May 24, 2022


"Winnie's Retrenchment & Exhibition" was a various artists compilation tape put together by Ken Clinger in 1991.

We contributed one song, and other artists appearing on this cassette were Mark Saucier, Bored Young Men, Nick, Silly Pillows, Foamin At The Mouth, Arnold Mathes, C.I.A.M., Too Righteous Brothers, Dan Fioretti, Zan Hoffman, Atrocity Exhibition, Don Campau, Bonnington Truce, and Tuf-Mikst-Man.

I saw that Ken now has this tape available as a download on his Bovine Productions Bandcamp page, except now he has it as two separate releases, one being "Winnie's Retrenchment," and one being "Winnie's Exhibition."  You'll also find a number of other releases in the Winnie series there. Here's a sample of what you can expect.

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