Thursday, July 28, 2022

HOWL IN THE TYPEWRITER - "A Pumf Twofer" (2022)

Pumf Records has just announced the release of two new CD's by the house band Howl In The Typewriter. This first one is being referred to as "The Red Album" and was intended to be released in 2020. Something happened, and the whole project got sidetracked until now. 

Described by the label as a 17-track, 66-minute extravaganza of mutant pop songs, soundscapes, noise, loopbeats, electronics and abstract gibberish," there's a little something here for everyone! On this track, pStan Batcow does a fine job of channeling his inner Wesley Willis in a story about the fantastic magician Harry Houdini.
The second new release by Howl In The Typewriter was done just this year and is titled "The Sound Of Musick." pStan describes it as "a stream-of-conciousness journey through songs, beats, abstract sound, spoken commentary, radioplay, and other-world creation through the use of soundbites."
From what I heard, I'd say that's a pretty apt description! I really like the first cut entitled "Go Apeshit." It really reminds me a lot of the music in the classic 1965 film "Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster."But to keep this cohesive, I chose a different tune, and you'll understand why after you listen to it!
To order these two CDs and more, head on over to the PUMF Website!!

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