Tuesday, July 26, 2022

MONSTERS UNDER THE BED - "Another Vinyl Monster From Optional Art" (1993)

This is a great 7" 45 single by Lance Morgan as/of Monsters Under The Bed. On it you'll find the song's "First One" and "When I Die". It was originally released on Rich Arithmetic's Optional Art label in 1993.

These two songs were later released on Lance's 1998 CD titled "Neighborhood Of Reality."

Monsters Under The Bed was Lance Morgan on Vocals, Guitars, Organ, Bass, & Cool Tunes, and Rich Arithmetic playing Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Organ, Bass, and is responsible for the Oohs, Ahhs, & Oh-Yeahs! Ruppi Barnickel is on the Drums.

Rich and Lance are still good friends to this day, still record together, and one of these days we'll be hearing more I'm sure.
Rich Arithmetic also has a cut called "Strange World" on a massive new various artist's compilation now available on Bandcamp called  
but in the meantime, here's

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  1. I still love these two songs to this day -- they're two of Lance's best-written songs, and I'm proud of the way the recording turned out. Thanks for posting! --Rich Horton (Rich Arithmetic)