Friday, August 26, 2022


Hermanos Guzanos was never really a performing band, although we did do one gig or two, but it was a real drag that we missed this opportunity to play live in the early 1990's at this festival in Ontario, Canada. It was going to be a week long festival, and the producer  had already inked us in to be the closers on the Monday night show. Unfortunately, with a family to feed, and not a lot of money, we had to decline, but I've always regretted it! Another opportunity like this never came along.

In "The Show Must Go On" department, Matas Labašauskas in Lithuania, and his partner in Germany Oscar Olias Castellanos are the guys who produced our first and only record last year on their Bigbandalone record label, and they somehow managed to put on their Braille Satellite Festival last month despite all the negatives there are in that part of the world these days. Lots and lots of indie music that even included The Plastic People of the Universe in the original lineup. (Matas told me they were not able to make it because 2-3 days before the festival, the doctor did not allow Jiri Kabes - the band leader to fly, because of some health issues.)
Maybe we'll get invited to play there next year! I think we'd fit right in!
On the festival website you can find links to all the bands if you want to know more about an indie music scene that is still alive and kickin' today!

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