Saturday, August 20, 2022

LORD LITTER - "Tape Department" (1992)

Lord Litter has been making music and promoting other people's music for almost 40 years now. His radio show called "Magic Music Box International" is currently being broadcast on radio station KOWS in Occidental, California, along with 100's of other shows from the past!
It was almost exactly 30 years ago, that this radio program was broadcast.  
It was July of 1992 on Radio Marabu, and there was NO internet, so one of the ways of getting the music out there was via shortwave radio! 
His show back then was called Lord Litter's "Tape Department!

I don't think his shows in The Archive go back this far, but I have this one on cassette tape because my buddy Slim was played on the show, so Lord Litter sent me a copy back then.
Here's the intro to the show.........

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