Monday, September 12, 2022

NO PIGEONHOLES #108 - "YU" (1988)

Don Campau is an amazing guy, and if he played your music on his radio show called "No Pigeonholes" on radio station KKUP in Cupertino, Calif, he would then turn around and make a copy of the show and mail it to you! To this day, I still find it amazing.
These days Don has shows on KOWS in Occidental, California, and I'm imagining that with the internet, he no longer has to a need do that, because you can download all his shows for free!

I was listening to this show from 1988 the other day, and one song really stood out to me, and Don announced that it was a band from Texas called YU, and a tape named "Family." So, with the help of Discogs, I was able to find the artwork for the tape that this song came from. The band members were named Bentley Shaft. C.U. Squirm, and Rod Miles.

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