Monday, September 5, 2022

POETRY DEVILS - "Want To Understand Light And Darkness?" (1989)

 I was just thinking how I'm going to run out of tapes one of these days, but until that time, here's another great tape I got from the Poetry Devils back in 1989.

The Poetry Devils were Robert Winson, Miriam Sagan, and Brian S. Curley, and they hailed from New Mexico, and their blend of poetry and rock and roll was phenomenal. It was pretty exciting to get something like this in the mail back in the day!
Back in the 70's at Sonoma State, I had a Saturday Radio show, and one night I hosted an hour of poetry. One guy brought a fifth of Jack Daniels with him. I wish I still had THAT recording!

This tune has Miriam Sagan reciting the poetry, with the very talented Brian S. Curley playing the Bass, and the Guitars, the Percussion, and the Rhythm Machine.
It's my pleasure to present.......

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