Tuesday, May 9, 2023

CHARLES RICE GOFF III & JUSTYNN TYME - "Raydio Bradcasts - Mrs. Morris Goes To Mars" (2011)

"Raydio Bradcasts - Mrs. Morris Goes To Mars" by Charles Rice Goff III & Justynn Tyme was unleashed on the world in 2011," but I just got a copy a couple of weeks ago.
This is a series of audio vignettes that are made to stimulate your thinking process, and guess what?
It works!

From the words of Charles Rice III himself,
"The basic idea behind RAYDIO BRADCASTS was for Justynn and I to create a series of audio vignettes based on recombining and rearranging bits and pieces from Ray Bradbury's huge output of inspiring literature. We sampled bits from radio, television, and movie adaptations of Bradbury's works. We read and caused computer voice emulators to read brief excerpts from Bradbury's stories. We cut and pasted bits from Bradbury's recorded interviews," and that's only the beginning.
 These are what I like to call 'audio collages' or 'movies for your mind.
If you'd like to know more about the Radio Active Mango Mind of Justynn Tyme then 

It's all out there for you to just reach out and grab for free.
Here's the link to this project!
And here's where you can find at least 313 more projects from CRG III and friends!

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