Saturday, December 9, 2023

JOHN BARTLES - "21 Stories About Broads And Their Special Allure To The Opposite Sex" (1990's)

Everybody knows about the twelve days of X-mas, so I think it's about time to start a new tradition, the thirteen days of John Bartles.

On the first day of X-mas my true love gave to me, a raunchy John Bartles CD.
I've been playing around with this free A-I program, and this was one of the images I got when I put "21 Stories About Broads" into it. Just slightly different from John's original cover.
The song I chose off this CD  titled "Top Knot Baby" was originally on John's "Flat Animal" cassette and was also a song John let me use on the "Refried Dreams" various artists compilation tape I produced in the 1990's.

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