Friday, January 12, 2024

HERMANOS GUZANOS - "Out Of The Past, And Into The Future" Part II

This tape was so rejectable that I couldn't even get the word Rejects spelled correctly!
Our next release was mostly covers with a couple of ducks thrown in for good measure.
Next was a compilation I put together titled "Refried Dreams" that featured a bunch of great artists I had met by mailing out our tapes to anybody I could think of.

On that tape we had an instrumental quasi-surf song called "Gringo."
Our next tape was one of my favorites and was called
"UFO Executives," a title we stole from an album I found at a swap meet by a group named "AFO Executives."

Then came the prophetic "Back In The Alley." 
So that's what about two thirds of our catalogue might have looked like today!
Stay tuned for one, or maybe two more looks at what might have been if we had today's technology 30 years ago.

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