Tuesday, February 20, 2018

THE LIE DETeCTORS - "Good-Bye Ronnie We Love To See You Go!" (1988)

According to my ancient records, I sent the 210th copy of "The Worm's Turn" to The Lie Detectors in Sparkill, New York in 1989. This tape is what I got in return. The Lie Detectors were George Hairamust on lead guitars and vocals, Barry Van Halen on bass, Scotty M. Surrogate playing drums, and Brian "Pecker" Clyde on vocals and rhythm guitar! Ironically enough, the tape I sent them also had a song called "Meltdown" on it!
The Lie Detectors - "Meltdown"
Hermanos Guzanos - "Meltdown" 

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