Saturday, February 24, 2018

ENORMOUS RICHARD - "Almanac" (30 Skuntry Hits) (1990)

I kept pretty good records of who and why I used to send tapes to, but I would have to go dig through a big box of old letters to find out any more information about Enormous Richard, but I can tell you this! This tape called "Skuntry Hits" was released in 1990 by a bunch of people in Illinois who seem to be having a real good time.The whole tape was recorded 'Live" to 2 tracks, or to quote the liner notes, "Overdubs? Schmoverdubs!" Enormous Richard be: Marshall Boswell - Moved down to Floooreeda too soon to play on the tape. Helped write and make it happen, though. Chris Bess - Played accordion. Mopped his brow. Joe Esser - Played bass. Got married. Matt Fuller - Played drums. Looked skeptical. Chris King - Sang. Played kazoo. Guitar Johnny Minkoff - Played roadhouse guitar. Elijah Shaw - played (a'hem) fiddle, banjo, harp, melodica, shaker, kazoo, guitar, sang bv's. Rich Skubish - played acoustic guitar, sang the operatic lead v's, sang bv's.  And special guests Kip Loui and Dave Melson. Get ready, I had a hard time picking a tune so here's...

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