Monday, November 26, 2018

JOHN BARTLES - "EI - EI - EIO" (1987-1991)

 If there are any gamblers out there, I am willing to bet that John Bartles was, or is, the most prolific audio artist in history! I know because I have every fucking tape and cd he has ever made, and frankly, these days, I can't even count that high without getting dizzy or confused! I am never going to get around to telling you about each and every one of John's releases, so here's a little collage to give you an idea. John was very busy during the 80's and 90's making cassettes, but since the advent of cd's, I think he has probably released another 100 albums! Usually, the artwork is done by John himself! A couple of months ago I told you about his classic tape called "Flat Animal," so here's another incredible song from that amazing tape! Get ready!
JOHN BARTLES - "Frank's Farm"

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  1. Who is this guy? I heard a song or two from him back in the early 90s, playing on college radio station. Where can I buy his albums?