Monday, November 19, 2018

THE GRAVEYARDS ARE SINGING YOUR NAME - Various Artists Compilation (1989)

"The Graveyards Are Singing Your Name" was one of many various artists compilation cassettes put out by Mike Tetrault on his Epitapes label out of Sunderland, Ma. Hermanos Guzanos had a couple of tunes on this tape along with Minóy Zannóy, Lions Minoy, Masters Of The Obvious, Black Flowers, Nihil, Gay Animal Women, Amanda Man, MT, Factor X, Horse Falls, Warworld, Shadow Of A Doubt, Wild Nixon, Biel Oliver, Oka/Iko, Sociedades En Tetrabrik, Prope Cante Homine, and Radiotron!
 Here are a couple of samples!
HERMANOS GUZANOS - "Zombie Hurricane"
MT - "Ho!"

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