Wednesday, July 10, 2019

GODSPUNK VOLUME EIGHTEEN - "Various Artists Compilation CD" - Pumf Records (2018)

 It's time to head on back and see what's happening over at the
pStan Batcow's Godspunk series has been an ongoing run of various artist compilations since 2003, and this is number eighteen out of nineteen! You seriously need to check it out!!

 Volume Eighteen was released in 2018, and has 24 songs on it, and the one thing that you can be guaranteed is that you never know what's going to happen next!

There is something on this CD that will either thrill or annoy every person in the world if they would just only take the time to listen to it!

 One cool group that has three songs on this CD is called UNIT. The members of UNIT include
 Andy Martin: Vocals, Hammond Organ, Keyboards, Casio VL Tone, and Vibraphone. 
Fabian Fritze: Bass Guitars, Guitar, and
Colin Murrell: Drums, Marimba.
It was a difficult choice for me, but then I remembered "Image Is Everything!" 
Let's Go!!
UNIT - "Nina On The Dance Floor"

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