Monday, July 1, 2019

LAURELS - "Burn" (1991)

 So this was my basic modus operandi, we had 500 "Worm's Turn" tapes commercially produced, (I've still got about 25 sealed ones if anybody's interested) so I'd read reviews about bands in various publications, and then I'd send them one of our tapes. If I got lucky, they'd send something back, and if I got really lucky, they'd send me something like an actual record. So was the case with the Laurels!

 Basically, that means that anybody you read about here were really nice people, because they all responded to my meager trade requests. I'd say about 15 or 20% of the tapes I sent out, I never heard back a whisper, and that's all right because it made the people like Jeff of the Laurels that much cooler in my world. I also asked the Laurels for any videos they might have had that I could play on our "Offbeat" public access TV show, but they hadn't made any yet!

 I'd say most of the people I communicated with over the years were garage and home tapers like ourselves, but there was a share of them that were actual hard working bands like the Laurels!

 The amazing thing to me was they were using the same means as me to spread the word, by sending music to alternative magazines like Factsheet Five and college radio stations!

 Laurels were from Providence, Rhode Island, and had to be one of the most rockin' bands in the state. The members included John Masterson on the drums, Roger Foley on guitar, and Jeff Toste on bass and vocals!

This was a 4 song 7" EP titled "Burn." Here's the first song from the second side!

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