Thursday, July 4, 2019

LORD LITTER - "In The Afterglow" (1994)

This 1994 cassette release titled "In The Afterglow" by Lord Litter was a bit on the different side for him! It also came in alternative packaging instead of the standard cassette box.

According to his liner notes, Lord Litter called this release an afterglow of the first period of his musical creation, going from the 'Spit It Out" method of creation with his band to solo songs that were more planned out!

Lord Litter doesn't record that much any more these days, instead spending most of his time promoting the music and art of others via his website at 
or any one of his many international radio programs that you can always listen to for free at his site on The Internet Archive.

If you're interested in what real true independent artists are doing today, go and listen to some of his radio shows. You might just be surprised at the quality of music being created today that you're probably not going to read about or hear anywhere in the mainstream, and that's for sure!
We just had an earthquake while I was writing this. Just goes to show you how earthshaking this tape really is!

The song I pulled off of this tape is called "Al's Song," and is described thusly by the good Lord himself..."the original song has a different title. Al Perry sent me a tape with no titles, so I don't know."(But the real story is that this song is called "I Wanna Be A Number One Country Star," and was the first song of this Lord Litter incarnation he ever wrote in 1984. It was originally released on his first tape "Take the Trash.") Good enough, but it still sounds like an Al Perry song to me!
 Since I too am a big Al Perry fan, this had to be the toe-tapper to use here!

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