Thursday, May 7, 2020

VIKTIMIZED KARCASS - "Doorways To Insanity (The Last Hurrah Vol.1) (1993)

It's Viktimized Karcass time!! What a cool XNO logo!

 Here's everything you need to know straight from the source!
HR318 - Viktimized Karcass - Doorways To Insanity (The Last Hurrah Vol.1) C60 - 2nd to the last Karcass release, released by HalTapes). No longer available from Haltapes.
Originally titled above: Doorways To Insanity title part dropped for digital download release.
Recorded March 5, 1993 at Harsh Reality Music - Live improvisation, no overdubs.
The Players - Pete McLean:drums, Roger Moneymaker:guitars, fx, Robert Hinson:bass, fx,Chris Phinney:synths, fx, vox, Richard Martin:synths, fx,vox.
Recorded,mixed, mastered by Chris Phinney
Cover Photo:Chris Phinney
A Harsh Reality Music Release.

 By my count, Chris Phinney has released at least 35 or more Viktimized Karcass cassettes over the years!

 There's no way I'll ever get around to all of them, so here are a couple more covers from some of the other releases!

 So if you're sitting at home doing nothing, don't tell me you ain't got nothing to do!
Here's a link to "Doorways To Insanity" just to get your journey started! There's plenty to listen to, and it won't cost you a stinkin' penny!
VIKTIMIZED KARCASS  - "Doorways To Insanity"

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