Wednesday, July 15, 2020

MEMORIES OF A HARSH FUTURE - "A Tribute To The Harsh Reality Music Label" (2020)

Hal McGhee and Chris Phinney are good buddies, and I should know, because I've written them both off and on now for 40 years.
Chris is in the process of getting over some major surgery, so the timing is right for this tribute to his label Harsh Reality to come out. Over the years Chris has released I think over 400 projects of his own and other people, and this is a compilation of just some of it!
Hal has gathered up 34 tracks by a wide array or artists, and the last one is.....
Visit the Harsh Reality Music historical archive site

 This release came out on July, 10, 2020. and was curated and produced by Chris Phinney and Hal McGee!
Visit the Harsh Reality Music label at Bandcamp

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