Thursday, July 30, 2020

RAY CARMEN - "Accidentally On Purpose" (1995)

 "Accidentally On Purpose" was a four song EP put out by Ray Carmen in 1995.
Ray was, and still is a very prolific singer/songwriter.

 Isn't it about time that the world got serious ......

 .....About Ray Carmen?
Well, here's the place to make that happen!!

This cassette is so cool, I actually have two copies with different layouts!
Here's a song that shows a different side of Ray's talents, but it doesn't matter which side, because they're all good!
All the instruments were played by Ray, except this song on which Blind Waldo is playing the fiddle. Blind Waldo was Ray's friend friend Roy Combs who passed away several years ago. 
The songs were also all written by Ray, except this one, which is Author Unknown!

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  1. Well, pal -- anytime someone mentions Ray Carmen, I gotta say, "Amen, brother! Preach it!" For me, Ray is the King of DIY Pop." For nearly 40 years he has abided by the cassette culture rules-- Give ne 4 tracks or give me death!" And he's still doing it! And lest we think Ray is merely a bedroom recording superstar, be sure to catch his fab power pop band Librarians With Hickeys, whose first album will be released by Big Stir Records in August