Friday, July 10, 2020

MONSTERS UNDER THE BED - "Neighborhood Of Reality" (1998)

 From the ridiculous to the sublime, that's what we do best around here!
Monsters Under The Bed - "Neighborhood Of Reality" is an amazing piece of work by Lance Morgan that was released on the Optional Arts label out of Seattle in 1998!

 Lance wrote all the songs and the CD was produced by Rich Arithmetic!
This CD is a joy from start to finish, and if you contact Rich at, you just might be lucky enough to buy a copy! 

Lance is a really good song writer, and with the production from Rich and his additional instrumentation, you'll be scratching your head wondering why you never heard this before!
It was tough trying to figure out which song to share, it's just that good!

 Normally I wouldn't give away a secret, but there's a short hidden 13th track that you might as well know about just because how else will you ever know?

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