Thursday, August 13, 2020

BURNT MARSHMALLOWS & TEENY BIKINIS - "Various Artists CD - Weenies, Tang, & Lighter Fluid" (2000)

Well, Summer's almost over and it doesn't seem like anybody's having much fun, so here's a blast from twenty years in the past that ought to put a smiley smile on the face of anyone!
"Burnt Marshmallows & Teeny Bikinis" is an amazing various artists compilation CD released in 2000 on the now defunct "Optional Art" records, and is just a whole lot of fun in the sun from the "Wing Ding" at the beginning, to "Summer's Over" and beyond!

"Burnt Marshmallows & Teeny Bikinis" is a labor of love for surf music put together by Rich Horton, and it features a boss array of talent, and it was really difficult to only grab one song off this CD.
The participants include Ed James, Gary & The Masticators, Monsters Under The Bed, Squires Of The Subterrain, The Oohs, Robin Stanley, Jeremy, The Popstars, Bill & The Hodads, Rich Arithmetic, and The French Broads.

This song has been lodged in my brain for a couple of months now featuring John McMullan on Vocals and Keys, Don Smith on Bass & Backing Vocals, Jack Holder playing Lead and Rhythm Guitars, and Robert Hall playing Drums and Percussion.
JOHN McMULLAN - "Summertime Karma Groove"
"Burnt Marshmallows & Teeny Bikinis" is long out of print, but if you want to try and write Rich Horton at he might be able to find a copy to sell you!
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  1. God damn! I love this CD!! (Heh heh.) Thanks for giving us a plug 20 years after the fact. From this compilation, in addition to the outstanding tunes you mentioned, I would also highly recommend:
    "Wing Ding" by Ed Stanley, which is pure power pop with name-drops from all your favorite beach-blanket bingo movies; "Waves" by Monsters Under the Bed, doing their part to mourn the heartbreak of the Surfer Girl's rejection; "Yellow Summer Sun" in which Squires of the Subterrain channels Brian Wilson at his most introspective; "Summer Sun" by The Oohs, which imagines what it might be like for Freddy Mercury to compose a summertime song; "Good Feelin'" by the (late) Robin Stanley letting out his inner Ray Davies; and "Russ Meyers' Revenge" in which Rich Arithmetic plays surf guitar against all those trashy B-movies. Not the best summertime comp of all time, but a damn good one for those who have an affinity for summertime tunes, with the best liner notes ever, as penned by Gary Pig Gold.