Thursday, August 6, 2020


 "Godspunk Volume Twenty" was released in 2019 on Pumf Records!

"The whole Godspunk series of compilation albums by various artists has been going on since 2003!

 This CD features a multitude of talent and 23 tracks by the likes of artists like Dr. Awkward, Blue Eyes Of The Broken Gonk, Infected Youth, Howl In The Typewriter, Mutant Beatniks, UNIT, The Large Veiny Members, and Nil by Nose!

 "This album is gratefully dedicated to thr Policeman, the Fireman, the Blacksmith, the Doctor, the Teacher, the Court Jester & the Butcher - long may they continue doing the things they do."

Here's just a taste for you, Cut number 20.......
There are a lot of hungry freaks out there, and out of all the krazy shit in the world,the mail is still safe as far as I know! At least go to the Pumf website and check out the samples, it's free so you got nuthin' to lose, except maybe your mind and your dignity!

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