Monday, August 31, 2020

JOHN BARTLES - "Mating Songs Of The American Alcoholic" (2003)

John Bartles released SO many cassettes and CD's, sometimes, some kind of theme will hit him, and he goes back and digs out and dusts off songs from different releases and puts them in a new package.
That is the case here, and it's a case of Bartles Beer called "Mating Songs Of The American Alcoholic" (A Phenomenological Journey Through The Heart Of The American Drinking Experience) or
"24 Ice Cold American Classic Drinking Songs" (From The Dirty Underbelly Of American Culture)
-Warning: Offensive To All People Of All Ages!!
Here's track 22 that was originally on John's CD "Mamalian Drink Reflex"


  1. Oh, we're dying here, brother man..........fucking genius! Thanks much. We're all tuned in here, whole family. We're dodging fires, for reals, in NorCal. Hope you are well!

  2. Thanx man! No fires here but enough smoke to make you choke. At least for now in these desperate times, we've still got John Bartles to keep us sane! Hoping those damn fires are out soon!! Enough is enough already!