Monday, December 21, 2020

COOL YULE - "Various Artists" (1996)

 "Cool Yule" is a various independent artists CD of all original Christmas music. That whole concept would be a difficult sell even if you had thousands of dollars in promotion and advertising, so you have to give Rich Arithmetic an A for effort, and the music's good too!

Personally, I like various artists releases, but apparently most people don't for some reason that I have yet to understand. As you can plainly see, there was a lot of talent on this CD.

A lot of the music on the CD is sweet and sentimental like a Christmas record should be, but my favorite song out of the bunch was one that rocked a little harder.
                  JOHN T. BAKER - "The Night Before" (And No, it's not a Beatles cover)
(c)Hortones, 1982-2020)
 If you would like to get your own copy, you can contact Rich Horton, the Producer of this CD at He just might still have a couple of copies left!

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