Saturday, December 5, 2020

TAPE REBEL 6 - "Storemage" (1988)

 The "Tape Rebel" series was a labor of love put out on Winfried Pickart's Weed Music label in Germany. Winnie is no longer with us, but if you were ever lucky enough to communicate with him, then you know what a great guy he was!

There was quite a formidable line up on this tape, but I'm going to play you the first cut by a band out of Germany called Storemage.

I found this image of Storemage on Discogs from an early tape, but this song wasn't on it! The members were Dirk Morgenstern on Bass and Vocals, Toni Fontanella on Drums, and Andreas Kürschner playing Guitar. Because of the vocals, I think they sounded a lot like Ween.
Andreas Kürschner currently has a band named Kuersche, and is still playing today!

I did find out that this song was on this Storemage LP from 1988 called "Jon Dave Tomson."
You can find this record for sale, but if you don't live in Germany, then the postage will eat you alive!

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