Saturday, December 26, 2020

EBU'S MUSIC SAMPLER - "Vol. Songs & Sounds 1" (1991)

"Ebu's Music Sampler Vol. Songs & Sounds 1" was a various artist's compilation project by Carsten Olbrich in Frankfurt, Germany from February 1991. 
Ebu is still doing his thing on the radio today, and can be found at either:
My tape is numbered 000034.

I'm pretty sure I got this because John Bartles' song "President's Head" was on it, and we provided the backbone of the music for that song.

One of the more unusual but interesting tunes on this tape was by Klimperei from France who are Christophe and Françoise Petchanatz playing minimal music on a variety of instruments including toys.

The title of that song translates to "It Was No Big Deal," and even though I couldn't find a tape that the original song was on, I did find it on this split CD with Sebastian Gandera released three years later.

That CD can be found on their Bandcamp page, and here's where you can find the whole story and what Klimperei is still doing today.


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