Sunday, January 31, 2021

DREAMSTATE - "Dräger/Kitti" (1990's)

"Dreamstate" was an energetic cooperative project put together by The Grand Tapemeister Don Campau in the 1990's. There's no date on it, so I don't know thee exact year.

 The cool cats who worked within this project besides myself were Nick, Dwain Woodruff, Eric Muhs, Joe Newman, Andi Xport, Don Campau himself, Ken Hunt, Dan Fioretti, Mike Crooker, Ken Clinger, Heather Perkins, Kevyn Dymond, R. Michael Torrey, and Mark Saucier.
 As stated, "Participants were asked to contribute short narratives about a vivid dream and also a short, separate musical piece" which were then combined together by Don.
Any further questions should be directed to Don at his website. 
There's lots of krazy dreams in here, but here's mine combined with Dan Kitti's music.

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