Sunday, January 17, 2021

ZAZERAC - "Orange Sunshine" (2020)

 After New Power Soul, John Sanders had a band called Stepping Razor, which evolved into what you have right here and now, a righteous instrumental trio called Zazerac. The group has gone through many personnel changes and this photo is the current Zazerac, with John on keyboards, Jerome Ramson playing bass and Chris Rivers on drums.
These guys are killing it!
Playing 'live' in and around Memphis, you might be able to catch Zazerac some day if and when everything opens up again, but in the meantime, you can hear a lot more than I'm giving you by going to the Zazerac "Reverberation" page!
This photo is of an earlier incarnation of Zazerac and features John and Jerome, and drummer Tony Gonzales. Many players have come and gone but here's the current lineup.......
 ...............John Sanders on Keyboards!

Jerome Ramson on Bass!

And........Chris Rivers on the drums!
The guitar player on this session was J. Stone Collins from The Funkanauts! 
I could listen to this all night, that's how good it is!!

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