Tuesday, January 12, 2021

NEW POWER SOUL - "News" (1988)

 New Power Soul 

New Power Soul was a 1988 to 1990 bay area funk band that was formed by John Sanders after Crash-N-Burn. They also performed in Northern California clubs during that time period.

The members included John Sanders on Keyboards, Amy Sanders playing the Bass, Rod Connor on Guitar and Vocals, Parry Wolfe playing the Drums, and Howard Raines and Eddie on Vocals. I've listened to a lot of funk in my life, and I can see or hear no reason why these guys never hit it big. All the elements are there and New Power Soul was just as good or better than many mainstream bands!

Since that time, the term New Power Soul was used extensively by Prince, or The New Power Generation as it were, and these days there's a wedding band in New Jersey by the same name.

John Sanders sent me a CD with three New Power Soul songs on it, and here's a truly great one with a message that is still pertinent today, and is guaranteed to get your butt moving, or your money back!!



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