Friday, February 26, 2021

BITE THE WAX GODHEAD - "Gajoob Issue #7 - Sampler #8" (1991)

I finally got around to the eighth sampler tape that came with issue # 7 of Bryan Baker's Gajoob magazine back in 1991, and it's really turned into quite a task.
 The cut I picked off this tape was by a New York band called Bite The Wax Godhead, who I never actually communicated with, but was familiar with, because their friend Michael J. Bowman, had sent me a VHS tape back in the day for our public access TV show called "OFFBEAT." 
The tape had songs by MJB and Bite The Wax Godhead performing in a club in New York, and we aired one of their songs on the fourth episode of the show. Michael J. Bowman also did the artwork for the cover of Gajoob #7.
The members of Bite The Wax Godhead were Alec Cumming on Bass, Guitar, and Vocals, Cynthia Harden on Keyboards and Vocals, and Larry Horowitz on Lead Guitar and Background Vocals.
The tape that was reviewed in the magazine was not this one, and was called "Obvious Signs Of Decay," but I can't find a picture of it. This tape does have the same song on it that was on the other one too.
 Bite The Wax Godhead has pretty much retired but they still have a My Space Page!
 You can also listen to some of their music on this Soundcloud Page.
 An interesting side note is Alec and Cynthia got married and their daughter Julia Cumming is a model and the front person and bass player for a fairly popular band called Sunflower Bean. I never heard of them before, but I'm old. See, this is what happens when you Bite The Wax Godhead!
Now I have to go and see if I can salvage the videos of "OFFBEAT" and put them up on YouTube for all the world to see, something I should have done years ago. I thought I had two done, but there seems to be a sync problem to go along with the horrible quality, but they is what they is!

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