Monday, February 15, 2021

ED DRURY - "Hidden Tracks" (2021)

Just yesterday Ed Drury released a new solo album called "Hidden Tracks" on Bandcamp!
Ed describes it thusly.....
"A collection of previously unreleased or "hidden" tracks. Some are the original recordings of compositions I did over the past several months for the Chris Phinney and Ed Drury project on Harsh Reality Music. As a bonus for buying Hidden Tracks, there are four "hidden" tracks of the collaborative pieces found on the six (soon to be seven) albums Chris, and I did together."
Ed Drury is a multi-faceted cat as you might gather from this image. Do yourself a favor and check out his website! 
But in the meantime, buy this music, open a bottle of wine, go sit out on the back porch in the rain, listen to it. and chill!
Here's just one good reason...


  1. Wow, thanks for the mention! I didn't expect all that. Most kind.

    1. Hey Ed, No Problem. I like your guitar playing a lot, and as I tell Chris all the time, I'm just waiting for the day you totally rock out on a song!! That would be something to look forward to. Thanks!