Saturday, June 25, 2022

HEDWIG GORSKI - "Polish Gypsy With Ghost" (1992)

This is a very cool four song 7" EP I got from the phenomenal Hedwig Gorski back in the early 90's. In a real world, one of these songs should have been a hit 1992. Thirty years later, maybe there's still a chance. It was called "Polish Gypsy With Ghost" and Hedwig's band was called East Of Eden Band. The members of East Of Eden Band were percussionist Booka Michel, Guitarist D'Jalma Matthew Garnier III, and Bass player Horatio Rodriguez. These guys cook and give Hedwig the perfect background to tell you her stories.
Lucky me, my copy is numbered 1/200.

I don't know why, and they have very little in common except maybe a kindred spirit, but for some reason when I hear this song I think of the late Christina Joy Amphlett of The Divinyls.
Hedwig Gorski's detailed story can be found on Wikipedia.
But in the meantime, here's


  1. A touch of The Ventures and a bit of an early rock and roll vibe to the piece "Intellectual Love." The song makes you both dream and think.

  2. The above comment was made by Chuck Taylor