Wednesday, June 29, 2022

HERMANOS GUZANOS - "Crash'em Up Cowboys" (1987)

The music on this early tape of ours was never really intended to be heard by anyone except the three of us. We let loose this tape on the public in 1992, but the music was really recorded in 1987. 
This was work all week, get together on the weekend in Gary's garage, plug in, and go. Recording it was just an afterthought. It's unsophisticated and unrefined, and more fun than three grown men should be having. There was no leader, there were no rules, and frankly, that's what it sounds like.
There are some songs I like but most of them have some part I wish could have been edited out, so that's what I was able to do with this one. My verbal introduction always bugged me, so tonight, I cut it out, and here's the new version that I can finally say I actually like.

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