Thursday, June 9, 2022

RICH ARITHMETIC - "I Wonder Why" (1991)

Rich Horton released this Rich Arithmetic 45 on his Optional Art label back in 1991.
This was his debut single as "Rich Arithmetic." He had an earlier EP in 1985 in which he was called "Richard H," a moniker that died not long afterwards.

The A Side is a song called "Cambridge, and the B Side was titled "I Wonder Why."
The cassingle of this contained a bonus track -- so 3 songs instead of 2!

Although I normally go for the more uptempo songs, this time I'm opting for the mellower B Side with it's wild Country Joe style guitar intro.

I don't know why the song "I Wonder Why" shown here is called "I Don't Know Why." Maybe Rich don't know why either. Rich is a perfectionist, so I'm sure it's something he did on porpoise.
 (c) Hortones, 1991, (p) Optional Art, 1991

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