Sunday, November 20, 2022

LITTLE FYODOR - "Beneath The Uber-Putz" (1988)

 In 1988 Little Fyodor released this phenomenal release called "Beneath The Uber-Putz." As I was looking around I found out that he also released this on vinyl, which would be pretty cool to own!

Just in case you somehow don't know who Little Fyodor is, I'll just say that if you could imagine what the illegitimate love child of Jerry Lewis, Tiny Tim and Einstein would be like, then you might get some kind of idea!
This tape is incredible, and if you just take a gander at these song titles, you'll see why!

Besides being incredibly funny, Little Fyodor is also very intelligent and friendly, and I have no idea why he has never risen to the top. He's probably just too nice!

Here's a shot of Fyodor and his long running band mate Babushka who plays keyboards some of the time.
I got this picture off of Little Fyodor's website which I encourage you to visit as soon as possible if you want to bring a little light into your life!
Man, it was difficult to choose only one song off of this tape, but I've always believed this tune really takes it to another level!

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