Saturday, November 26, 2022

NO PIGEONHOLES #140 - "Cleaners From Venus" (1989)

This "No Pigeonholes" radio show on radio station KKUP by Don Campau was broadcast on January 8, 1989. We were on this show with a hoard of talented people! Just to show you how much fun we had back then, here's a cool station ID that was made by Lord Litter in Germany!

From the bottom of the bots to the top of the pops, here's Martin Newell, Martin Chapman, Mick Brannan, Kate Cooper, and Paul Ridley Thomas with some music guaranteed to get you dancing!
I did some looking around, and it looks like this song came off of this 1983 cassette by the Cleaners From Venus titled "In The Golden Autumn."
 Just kind of shows you how far the U.S. was behind, when this song only got played on an underground radio station here six years after it was created!  
If you'd like to know a whole lot more about The Cleaners From Venus, here's a link to their bandcamp page, that contains literally tons and tons of music!

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