Friday, December 16, 2022


If it seems like I'm doing a lot of stuff that has something to do with Don Campau lately, it's true, because I just have a lot of stuff from Don Campau! This tape was one of the earliest I got from Don. It was only a one sided tape, so of course he put one of his "No Pigeonholes" radio shows on the other side.

This tape featured music from Don and his friends and family!
It's a various artists compilation, but many of the tunes have Don singing or playing on them too!

Naturally, there's a ton of good music on here, like the tune by James Hill is a standout, but there's no way you can go wrong with a song about bacon.
This is the original tape this song came off of. I never had a copy of this tape myself, but I was able to find this cover image on Discogs.
Oddly enough, and as fate would have it, I just got an email from Lord Litter letting me know that Don Campau and Greg Gray have a new album out called "Truth and Rumors" that is now now available. Its free on bandcamp (Just enter zero at checkout)
In Don's own words, "This is more or less a 'rock' album, but some funky and loopy bits throughout
After decades of recording together, this is our first long distance collaboration."

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