Wednesday, December 7, 2022

NICOLA SCHULTZ - "Field of a String" (2022)

What I like more than anything about writing on this blog besides presenting more or less obscure music from the past, is discovering what I myself have missed, and trust me, there's a lot! One of my biggest sources of old and new music are Lord Litter's radio shows that stream forever on the Internet Archive, and that's how I recently came to know about Nicola Schultz, even though she has been recording since the late 80's. Lord Litter also told me that Nicola was a recommended listen to him by Don Campau, so it's yet another layer of the Don Campau trickle down effect!

Nicola is from Australia, and in the early 90's she sang and played Bass in a band named Swirl. Other members of Swirl were Ben Aylward on Guitar and vocals, David Lord on drums. Nicola left Swirl in 1997, and was replaced by Richard Anderson on bass guitar and keyboards and Keira Hodgkison on guitar and vocals. Swirl broke up in 2002 after releasing three albums.

Since those days Nicola has stayed busy working solo, and this year she released this album titled "Field of a String." The sensational song that Lord Litter played on his radio show was from this album and was titled "Sensation," which I just also happened to find on YouTube.
Do yourself a favor and go to Nicola's Website where you can get more details about this wonderful artist!

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