Saturday, December 24, 2022

COOL YULE - "And To ALL A Good Night" (1996)

I don't often return to discs or tapes, but this Christmas various artists compilation CD put out by Rich Arithmetic in 1996 is just too solid to ignore, so lucky you on this Christmas Eve, you got an early gift courtesy of Rich and his friends and family! I gave you one song off of this disc two years ago, and now it's time for a completely different kind of Christmas song

This song is fueled by the phenomenal Ray Carmen. There was too much information for me to write, so here's who is doing what!
If you'd like to get your own copy of "Cool Yule," these days it is available through Rich's label
 Don't be a yule fool, buy this CD and be kool instead!
℗1996-2022, Optional Art
 To find out more of what Rich Horton has going on, head on over to......

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