Monday, January 23, 2023

CHRIS PHINNEY'S "Harsh Reality" (1990 - 2023)

I got this tape by Vikitimized Karcass from Chris Phinney back in the 90's. I daresay it was not the most cheerful cover I had ever seen, and even Chris himself told me once that it was pretty much over the top.
This tape was an  Alternate Media release from England, and lo and behold I found out you can still purchase or just listen to the whole thing on the Alternate Media Tapes Bandcamp page.

Here's who's doing what! Chris was the only one I ever had contact with.

These days Chris is still going strong, and although his label is still Harsh Reality, his work with Ed Drury has shifted from blood red to cruel azul and........
...................Deep blue!!
And those are just two of the many blue tracks they've released in the last few weeks!
You can read all about it until you're blue in the face on Chris's

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